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Earl Green is having as much success in releasing their music as any independent band can possibly ask for. EARL GREEN has opened for several national acts and has reached thousands of listeners on the front page of AOL.com with their song "I See Me". Founding members, Mathew Stegner, Dan Silverman, and Sal Finelli explain, “It has truly been an awesome experience for all of us and we are all better musicians and people because of it.” While the band describes their music style as "Alter-coustic", EARL GREEN has been compared to such artists as the Dave Matthews Band, Lifehouse, Goo Goo Dolls, Coldplay, and The Script.

Songs, “Goodbye”, “Medication” and “Indecision” off the band’s first album “Sneak Preview” earned mainstream radio play on WBAB 102.3 FM in New York and regular rotations on college and internet radio stations. Earl Green was featured on Fanhouse.com in a 2010 for a sports higlight video. Mat and Sal also took part in a documentary soundtrack with their acoustic track "Not Afraid" in a film called, "A Guy Called Dad" which has been accepted to many notable film festivals.

EARL GREEN is fronted by a poweful lead vocalist, singer-songwriter and producer Mathew Stegner. With the bands’ second album “Black Curtain”, produced by Mumble Man Records, Stegner explains, “We’re doing what we love to do most; writing, creating, and performing our style of music for everyone to enjoy. With the sweet likings of Finelli's lead guitar, Silverman's intriquete delights, a skilled bass hand and an old school rock drummer, Earl Green has become well known on Long Island and in New York City for their unique style of Acoustic/Alternative Rock music.

The band has a huge catalogue of original songs and has recently added more cover music to their set lists. Alot of the band's material has still yet to be recorded. “We’re hoping to share them all with our fans soon”, says Mike Brook (bass).

“Besides the music, the connections we make with the public is what is most important to us. EARL GREEN is always searching for new ways to connect with our audience”, explains Silverman. (guitar). The band is often found playing charity events, fundraisers, hosting food drives, and giving back any way they can. "That's the best part", explains Stegner, "EARL GREEN is a very powerful network. It's not just a brand of music, it's a lifestyle shared with alot of good people."

“We are having fun” explains Finelli (lead guitar), “We are always excited to see our loyal fan base expanding and how diverse they are. Our music reaches out to so many types of people, and we are grateful for it”

“We are going to continue to entertain our fans and write our music” says Stegner. With the bands huge 22 track album , “The Container” recently released, The band is extremely excited about the compilation of music they have put together. “The guys are extremely passionate and committed to this album, and I’m stoked to be making great music with them”, explains DeMeo, (drums). “The Container” is a tribute to almost 2 decades of music from EARL GREEN and it’s individual members.